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Information protection policy

On this supplier portal web, suppliers need to register their information, according to the system operation control.We are managing and protecting suppliers' information which is registered, based on the following policies.

1.Register and manage suppliers' information

On a part of contents of this home page, suppliers need to enter suppliers' information, such as "Supplier name", "E-mail address".This information is registered in our in-house database, and we make sure to manage and operate it strictly.

2.Utilize and release information

Regarding registered information, we use it based on reasons which we judges as necessary,such as for smooth operation of supplier portal web, or for future materials procurement activity,also we never use it beyond necessity. However, when public institution, such as Court or Police department, requests us to refer to it according to the law, we may disclose it to them,limiting the purpose. Please accept our policy regarding this matter.

3.Regarding SSL

We are utilizing the system which protects suppliers' information with SSL. SSL is one of the coding measures to prevent electric interception and defacing on communication pathway. If suppliers use the browser with SSL function (Netscape Navigator, or Internet Explorer, etc.),it is possible to send us entered information securely.

4.Regarding cookie

On our web site, we may utilize cookie in order to enhance information and service, and to improve convenience.We never acquire information which can identify the person by cookie, excepting the case customer approved in advance.

5.Save and manage suppliers' information

Database which manages suppliers' information is stored in the data centre with extremely strict security.No one can access to relevant database, excepting system administrator.

6.Acquire access log

We are registering IP and domain of customers who visit our web site, through time.We utilize this information in order to count accesses. However, when we find an intentional attack on this site,or a violative act, we may utilize this history as an evidence.Please be forewarned.

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Global Home AIS Company - Industrial Devices > Supplier Portal Web > Information protection policy